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A Sensible Solution to the high costs of DentistryA Sensible Solution to the High Costs of Dentistry

The Select Dental Plan is a defined maximum benefit dental reimbursement insurance plan. It also combines a separate optional access to a PPO dental network, which provides a reduced payment schedule for each ADA Dental Code Procedure. This plan is currently available in most states, for groups or individuals and families who are members of the UASB Association.

Afraid that you'd have to pay top dollar to get good dental insurance?

Select Dental Plan is proud to offer you great benefits at very affordable rates. Finally, a dental plan that covers the procedures you need at a price you can afford, and even better yet, has no waiting period. You can start using these benefits right away.

The dental insurance is fully underwritten and insured by an A rated insurance company.

There is no reason for poor dental health. With all the advances in dental care, regular checkups and proper dental maintenance, no one should suffer from tooth decay or dental disease. By participating in the dental program, you have the opportunity to make regular checkups much easier and less costly. Everything from a simple cleaning...all the way to root-canals, crowns and even full dentures...this plan has them covered!

In addition to the Dental Insurance Plan, receive at no extra cost, Vision, Hearing, Laboratory, Diabetic and Travel benefit programs.

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The Select Dental Plan is a group dental plan issued to the UASB Association. Individuals and families may join the Select Dental Plan. For Specific Benefits including Limitations and Exclusions, refer to the Certificate of Insurance. This is not outline of coverage, not an offer to purchase.

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Select Dental 1500

$39.90 per month
Member + One
$67.90 per month
$97.90 per month

Select Dental 1000

$45.00 per month
Member + One
$75.00 per month
$109.00 per month

Value Dental 1000

$18.50 per month
Member + One
$28.50 per month
$39.50 per month

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